Outdoor activities

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In the valley of the Anglin, you can practice climbing because there are many cliffs.

The most well-known climbs are « La Dube » (28m), «Le Rive » (from 10 to 25 m), to be found between Mérigny and Angles sur l'Anglin.

To climb those cliffs, it’s better to be escorted  by a professional unless you have a climbing licence.

Climbing Guides are also for sale to obtain a better knowledge of the sites in the Indre and the Vienne.



For tennis enthusiasts, some courts are open to the public and they are next to the campsite, near the outdoor swimming pool.

Other courts as well as the indoor courts are reserve for people who have a permit from the "Tennis Club Blancois".

Contact - Office Municipal des Sports : 02 54 37 68 08



If you like this form of entertainment, you can have access to the bowling alley on "Louis Renault" square, at the "Quai Aubépin" in the upper town in order to play with friends or for real competition.

You can play "Pétanque" (bowling originally played in the South of France) or "Boules Lyonnaises" (originally played in and around the town of Lyons).


Roller skate / BMX 

If you would like to practice roller or skate boarding, you can go next to swimming pool and the campsite where there is a track. From there, you can have access to the viaduct. (Equipment not rented).





Agenda des manifestations

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