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Around the Brenne

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Le Blanc is located near the "châteaux" of the Loire, towns where famous writers lived  and Argentomagus, one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in France and all only a few kilometers away...

Look at the map to quickly discover the destination for your next trip.

To discover all the magic of the Berry, you may also consult the website of the Tourist Committee of the Indre : Cyberindre.


Places of interest not so far away...



AmboiseAmboise : a wonderful town where you can discover Leonard da Vinci’s life througt the château. If you wish to do something of family interest, you can go to the aquarium or to a park where you can see in miniature all the châteaux of the Loire valley.

From Le Blanc : 104 km (65 miles) - Time : 1 h 40.




Angles sur l’Anglin is one of the most beautiful villages in France. You can discover ruins of the château and cliffs over the river by taking one of many walks.

From Le Blanc : 18 km (11 miles) - Time : 17 min.



Argentomagus : this site dates from the Roman period. You can go throught the streets and see the archeological artefacts in order to imagine how people lived during this period. Thanks to a museum, you can make a complete discovery of the site.

From Le Blanc : 40 km (25 miles) - Time : 40 min.


Chauvigny : If tou like birds of prey, you can go to a special castle : "le château  des aigles"  is an animal park with this kind of bird that you can see during entertainment and shows. But if you prefer to discover the countryside, you can go to the “Vélorail” : a special bike you use along rails. It’s very funny for everybody!!

From Le Blanc : 36 km (23 miles) - Time : 34 min.


Descartes : If you know some philosophers, maybe you know Descartes. He gave his name to the town where he lived for a few years. If you don’t know him, you must still visit his house and the museum dedicated to him.

From Le Blanc : 50 km (31 miles) - Time : 45 min.



The Futuroscope is a theme park with a lot of attractions, based on pictures which arouse emotions. This is interesting for children as well as adults who are always amazed.

 From Le Blanc : 72 km (45 miles) - Times : 1 h 15 min.



Georges Sand's House : You can visit Georges Sand’s house in Nohant. This is the place where she wrote the majority of her books.

From Le Blanc : 77 kms (48 miles) - Time : 1h15 min.



"L'Ile aux serpents" (snakes island) : you can go to la Trimouille in order to see many special snakes in different sizes, shapes and colours.

From Le Blanc : 20 km (12.5 miles) - Time : 20 min.



Loches is an astonishing town. You can observe 2 kilometers of rampart including the keep .

From Le Blanc : 65 km (40 miles) - Time : 1 h 05 min.


Montmorillon : if you want to find special books or sell yours, you have to go to this town. Craftsmen can explain to you how a book is made...

From Le Blanc : 31 km (20 miles) - Time : 30 min.



Saint Savin : a pleasant town renowned for its abbey that you can visit all the year round. For children, there is  a special tour with a game, in order to make the visit more attractive.

From Le Blanc : 18 km (11 miles) - Time : 18 min.


Tours : famous for the old town where you can walk trought narrow streets. You can discover some important monuments or maybe you can stop to have a drink at the famous “Place Plumereau”.

From Le Blanc : 120 km (75 miles) - Time : 1 h 30 min.


Valençay : there is one of the most beautiful castles of the “Renaissance” period. It’s very interesting to visit it as a family because it offers games and a little farm for children to appreciate. Not far away, you can go to see XIXth and XXth centuries cars in the motor museum.

From Le Blanc : 82 km (51 miles) - Time : 1 h 19.


La Vallée des singes (Monkey Valley) : this is not like a Zoo : it’s an animal park where many of the monkeys are at liberty! You go throught trails in order to find in a tree some wistitis or makis...Don’t worry the chimpanzees are on islands...

From Le Blanc : 90 km (56 miles) - Time : 1 h 34 min.   


Châteauroux : prefecture of the "département" of the Indre, you can discover its rich historical heritage, visit museums or practice leisure activities on foot, horseback, water or by bicycle.

From Le Blanc : 60 Km (37.5 miles) - Time : 60 min










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